A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Powerful Social Media Strategy for your Business.

ONow that it's 2021. If your business depends on online customers, you've probably realized that your website has an impact on your company's trustworthiness and quality.However, only a few people are aware of the magnitude of this impact.Many organisations, in fact, struggle to transform poor performing websites into ones that increase trust and client acquisition.

One interesting fact about user experience over Website is that it takes only 50 milliseconds (0.05 Seconds) to make a point of view about your website, whether he/she will explore your website or leave instantaneously. So first, let's understand what a website is meant to be A website is basically a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content such as text, images, videos etc. Website is just like a book, only it’s on the computer. So instead of turning pages, you click on the links. The links move you from one page to another page and give you information about the thing that you want to know about related to query in search engine.

Just like books, the main aim of the website is to present valuable information to the users for what they are looking for on the internet. Just like you and your friends may have different interests, so you read the book accordingly. As you know, there are so many things which affect the choice of the book, for example before reading the book you would like to know about Author, Publisher, Size, Book cover, type of information. Illustrations and infographic in the book as these things help you to elevate your reading Experience .

Website with intuitive and engaging content in the form of Videos, images, text, micro-animation, enhance relevance and quality of the website makes user journey cheerful and Delightful.

Types of Websites you should know

  • Business Website
  • E-commerce
  • Personal Website
  • E-Magazine
  • Social Website
  • Directory & Content Website
  • Blogger Website

So, if you want your website to become searchable and visible in front of your customers. You should look upon the below ten commandments. This small yet highly effective Website feature which can improve website user experience to the next level.

* Use a "Contact Us" or Chatbot with live chat support


Whenever a user visits your website. A user seeking some information. Often, users want to know something else apart from the information mentioned on the website. In that case, adding a WhatsApp or Contact us button or the best option is AI-enabled Chatbots which can give reply to the query of the user, good thing about chatbots now-a -days they are more sophisticated and can reply to users more naturally just like human customer care tech. You don’t have to pay for a chatbot and still a chatbot on your website can handle user queries 24*7 

“Chatbots can help companies save up to 30% on customer service costs”.

* Add a feedback/contact form to every page of your site.

Social Media Srategy

Contact forms are a basic tool for every website to ensure interaction with other users. Contact form is mostly used for sending a message to the site owner or business. Contact/feedback form helps to maintain open communication Between you & your customers and also encourages them to continue visiting your website over time as feedback/contact form gives your user ability to contact for related products or services you are offering to the customer.

“Keep you Contact/Feedback form on automated reply for better customer satisfaction”.

Add an FAQ section to your website

Many small businesses are still using outdated methods, handle customer service. One of the biggest mistakes many small business owners make is that usually they do not have an FAQ section on their website. Most of the time a user visits your website to seek some additional information about Products/Services. A well-defined FAQ page will help your customer to find the answer to his/her query. but also enhance the user retention time and decreased bounce rate of your website. Therefore, an FAQ section on your website is a great way to offer something of value to visitors, while also improving the usability of your site.

Enhance user Experience with Micro-animation in your website.

What makes humans so unique and special from other creatures is our ability to interact with the surrounding environment. Micro-animation is a smooth loading animation. Micro-animation also can guide users where to click or what actions they should take next. Micro-animations are a great way to enhance the user experience and guide users through your website .

Use "social proof" on your website to boost conversion

Strategy for your business

Social proof is important for any business, but its importance has increased in recent times. This trend is also known as the social commerce trend. So what are the benefits of adding social proof to your website?
# For starters, adding social proof to your site creates credibility for your brand. It shows that other people trust you and it encourages others to do so as well.
# Social proof also shows potential customers how many people have already bought from you, which is an effective way to persuade new customers to buy.

Include a link to subscribe in the header of your website

A well-placed link to subscribe in the header of your website can be a great way to increase subscribers to your blog. You might not think a simple link could have a huge impact on your business. But by including a prominent link in your header, it will force users who are browsing without an intent to buy or sign up for something, into deciding whether, or not they want to subscribe. The key is having an eye-catching and beneficial call to action. More subscribers means people want to listen to what you are publishing or give their consent for e-mail also increases the success metrics of your E-mail marketing

Create a search bar on every page of your site

In the world of digital marketing, the search bar is a necessity. It’s a basic requirement for any website listed on the internet. However, many do not know why the search bar is important and what it is helpful for the website.
Search bars are a part of any website's design. If you're thinking about creating a new website, chances are that there will be a search bar on it. While it might seem like an afterthought or an aesthetic feature, this little box is one of the most important parts of your site – and here's why: One of your top digital goals should always be to create the best and most efficient user journey possible for your customers. To accomplish this, you must first understand what customers want, and as research reveals, many people want to navigate your website fast and hassle-free.

According to SAP research, 60 percent of those polled about the top features and services they desire from suppliers said they want improved search functionality, especially for e-commerce, local Business Directory, and multiple service provider Websites.
“On-site search was determined to be the preferred product-finding approach of the test subjects, as they judged it to be faster than category navigation,” according to a Baymard study.

Optimize your website for mobile devices.

A mobile-friendly website, at the moment, is a great way for your business to reach its target audience. As more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet rather than desktop computers, an individual's web browsing experience must be as streamlined as possible so as not to deter them from visiting your site.
In 2020, mobile devices accounted for 68.1 percent of all website visitors worldwide, up from 63.3 percent in 2019. Desktops accounted for 28.9% of visits, while tablet's accounted for 3.1 percent. Desktop devices, on the other hand, continue to be quite important, accounting for 53.3 percent of total time on-site in the United States and 46.4 percent globally.

Include a "Call to Action" on every page of your website.

Importance of Social Media

A call-to-action button is a graphical button that triggers a predefined action when the user clicks on it. In web design, this is typically a clickable hyperlink to an internal or external webpage. Using well-designed buttons in websites can have a positive impact on their usability and conversions.
A CTA can be used to guide customers toward a conversion. Because the CTA is such an important part of your website, it tells the user what to do next. 90 percent of individuals who visit a website will read the CTAs, according to estimates.

Your conversion rate will increase by over 120 percent if a CTA is written within the content. As a result, without a well-implemented CTA, the user may be unsure about what to do next and is more likely to abandon the site before completing their objective.

Make sure your website is optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimisation

There are many benefits to search engine optimization for your website. If you have a business website, it is vital that you take advantage of SEO as much as possible. The truth of the matter is, your potential customers will more than likely search for the products and services that you offer online before they decide to make a purchase. There is a very good chance that if they cannot find your business on Google or Yahoo! Search at least once, they may simply go to one of your competitors. Optimizing your website for SEO purposes will help in improving its ranking in the search engines. Using the right keywords, well-written content and optimized images can be very fruitful for getting good web traffic.
Various factors contribute to the success of an internet marketing campaign. These include having a well-maintained website, using professional templates and logo designs, ensuring that your products or services are accurately described, etc.


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